... means ‘not from here’ in an imaginary language. Drifting off while in the moment, raw and unfinished collages of harsh, sensitive modulated sound, embracing the unexpected with a situationist attitude. Chebedajha is the project of cultural producer Jeannette Petrik. Their practice locates itself at the fringes and peripheries with an aim to be radically honest and critical. Operating in the vicinity of intense states of anxiety and pleasure, discomfort and relief, the experimental sound of Chebedajha aims for an increased sensitivity of perception to become part of the collective everyday.


is a (stupid) pun with the Polish word częstotliwość meaning 'frequency'. My approach is to make improvised music with an acoustic drum set that is not just drumming music or interesting for drummers. I have developed a set up with acoustic drums and synthesizers. The latter begin to sound when the drums are played, i. e. they react to the drums' sounds and noises. And i, then, react on the sounds from the synthesizers, which i can not foresee. So, it's an interaction between me on drums and the synths. What comes out is experimental electronic-acoustic music, noisy, playful, quiet, obscure, ...

photo by Kathrin Grzeschniok



... in his experimental output the artist Lukas Kannemann searches in an improvisational approach to the surroundings he finds in-situ for sonic surprises. settings as well as instruments may differ and its less about creating a certain product than finding and enjoying the actual process of creating with the differing input: to travel the sonic journey evolving is about surprises and where those can take you spiritually. preferring to collaborate with his surroundings, participants from other (art) genre -be it carpenters, dancers or painters- the artist utilizes minimalistic loops and repetitions to provoke a trance-like state, activating the passing of time into a landscape littered with persistence, frustration, boredom, curiosity, support, collectivity, acceptance, mistake to find a moment of bliss

photo credits: MATTHIAS PETERS



... is intentionally mysterious, playful electroacoustic music, originated from random conversations about a generally uncertain future that obliges to improvise always.

photo taken by @okibua


Winkhorst Reisen @ the dähx in Bremen

Schwall DJ @ the dähx in Hamburg